Huston, we have a problem...

I open my first blog with a few slides that show the scale of the Global Warming problem we face Co2 concentration in the atmosphere has been relatively constant in the last 650,000 years… until about 100 years ago, when it went off scale.. img_0750 Here’s the last 50 years: the trend is inexorable and accelerating.. img_0748 And here is why: the extraordinary economic growth of the last 100 years is tied to an extraordinary increase in the energy prodcued by mankind, almost entierly by the process of combustion… img_0746 What to do?

Cerainly we cannot suppress humanty’s quest for an ever improving better quality of life, especially for populations still undergoing economic development. We need tu utilize energy more efficiently and/or produce more energy from renewables and/or capture Co2 emitted. According to the following graph…. tbc img_0756

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